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What is missing time?

Missing time is a phenomenon associated with UFO/UAP sightings or ET/NHI contact.  It is a gap of memory somehow connected to the intuition or experience of ET/UFO contact.  It is typically explained in alien abduction narratives as alien mind control or as trauma repression. 

Researchers used regression hypnosis to recover memories of missing time, which reveal highly strange stories of alien abduction and other ET/NHI contact narratives.  However, science has shown that regression hypnosis may produce false memories and fantastic or dreamlike tales.

Missing Time Found suggests that missing time is like an unremembered dream and that regression hypnosis is like dreamwork.


Regression hypnosis into missing time is one of the only ways we know about ET/NHI contact.  What could be more important than the possibility that contact with extraterrestrial beings or non-human intelligences occurs?

If missing time really involves encounters with ET/NHIs, then exploration of missing time would reveal insights of an interstellar civilization, along with its culture and technology.

Most mainstream researchers assume that alien abduction may be explained by sleep paralysis and is therefore unreal.  However, the history of Western science documents that dreams about celestial or daemonic entities have provided novel scientific, philosophic, and technological insights.  

Therefore, missing time is important because it may inspire real scientific and cultural creativity, even if it is just a dream.


If you are an experiencer of missing time, then Missing Time Found may help you make sense of your experiences.  The world of alien abduction, ETs, and UFOs is highly strange and foreign to the everyday world, however, the shamanic dreaming hypothesis suggests that humans are universally capable of navigating the realm of ET/NHI contact for individual and community benefit.  

By the end of the book, you should understand how mindfulness and dreamwork can shift your unwanted abductions or expand your consciousness of the events.

If you are trying to make sense of the strange stories of ET/NHI contact or UFO/UAP sightings, then Missing Time Found may help you understand and integrate the variety of tales experiencers tell about their encounters.  This book suggests that shamanic dreaming is the only natural precedent for missing time and regression hypnosis.  Missing Time Found provides applies our understanding of dreams to missing time and hypnosis.

By the end of the book, you should understand how to apply the ethics and epistemology of dreamwork to missing time and regression hypnosis and therefore understand how they can be both dreams and real.

Is ET/UFO contact real?

Missing Time Found suggests that ET/UFO contact is real in the same way that dreams are real.  Even though dreams are strange, you don't doubt that you experienced them.  

Shamanic dreaming cultures attribute reality to dreams in ways that Western culture does not. Nearly 90% of Earth's cultures attribute reality to dreams and understand that dreams are a domain of interaction with non-human intelligences.

However, most dreaming cultures understand that there are a variety of dreams and that all dreams require interpretation.  Therefore, we can expect that ET/NHI contact narratives likewise are real and require interpretation.

Why are alien abduction stories so strange?

The connection of dreams with alien abduction narratives have been made since the beginning of the history of alien abduction.  Alien abduction stories are so strange because they are associated with dream-like states of consciousness such as sleep paralysis and out of body experience.

Dreams are typically bizarre, especially REM dreams.  Therefore, we may expect that alien abduction stories may be strange in the same way that dreams are bizarre.

Does regression hypnosis produce false memories?

Yes, science has shown that regression hypnosis produces false memories.  Most law courts now require that hypnotically-derived testimony be supported by forensic investigation or other forms of memories.

However, Missing Time Found suggests that the purpose of hypnosis is not memory recovery.  Rather, the purpose of regression hypnosis is the same as shamanic dreamwork: the mediation of fortune through the negotiation and engagement of non-human intelligences.

how is Et/NHI contact like a dream?

There are several reasons how ET/NHI contact is like a dream:

  1. Both involve fantastic creatures
  2. Both typically happen in and around sleep, but can happen throughout the day
  3. Both are characterized as strange due to the experience of impossible physics and telepathy
  4. Both are typically forgotten by Westerners
  5. Both are recalled more frequently by those who are fantasy-prone

How is regression hypnosis like shamanic dreamwork?

Trance is more like a dream than memory because it is characterized by a state of relaxation and the experience of mental imagery.  There are several ways that regression hypnosis is like shamanic dreamwork:

  • Both involve negotiations or interactions with non-intelligence
  • Both provide contemporaneous or present-tense knowledge
  • Both produce fantastic narratives that may or may not be objective or veridical
  • Both involve psi-phenomenon like telepathy
  • Both regulate emotions and allow for integration of life-changing experience
  • Both involve at least two types of consciousness like the hypnotist and hypnotee

How can experiences be both real and dreams?

Mainstream Western culture attributes reality to only objective phases of experience like waking or physical reality.  Even illusions are real, even though the experiencer misapprehends their reality.  90% of Earth's cultures attribute reality to dreams, although they acknowledge there are a variety of dreams and that all dreams require interpretation.

ET/NHI contact is dreamlike because it is real and requires interpretation.  Dreams and ET/NHI contact change lives, inspire social development, and mediate our collective fortune.

Why did you write the book missing time found?

I believe that ET contact is much more than alien abduction and that hypnosis is much more than memory recovery.  Personally, I believe our cultural narratives about alien abduction and hypnosis are limiting and harmful.  Even though it has been forgotten in the West, dreams and dreamwork is beneficial, universal, and natural.

I believe that if we treated ET/NHI contact like shamanic cultures treat their dreams, then our society could resolve our ecological crisis by connecting with the Earth and by developing creative technologies and sciences through dreamwork.

Are you an experiencer of ET/UFO contact or missing time?

Yes.  I have experienced contact through my dreams, UAP sightings, and other means.  It took me nearly two decades to get over the fear that I might have been abducted by aliens.  When I gathered enough courage to face the nightmarish possibility of abduction, I discovered that my intuitions of abduction are dreamlike.

The book Missing Time Found presents my own case study including analysis of anomalous body marks and a traditional regression hypnosis session.