The D-SETI Quadrilogy

Dreams and ET/NHI contact is multidimensional and requires multiple means of knowledge and perspectives.  The D-SETI Quadrilogy presents the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of missing time through scholarly, historical, and spiritual perspectives.

Missing Time Found

  • Why is alien abduction and UFO sightings associated with missing time?
  • Do aliens control minds or are ET encounters so traumatic that you forget them?
  • Why are hypnotically recovered memories of alien abduction or ET contact so strange, fantastic, and imaginative?
  • How can the stories about alien encounters be real when they are so clearly dreamlike?

Missing Time Found presents the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of ET/NHI contact and missing time regression, observing that the only natural precedent for ET/UFO missing time is unremembered dreaming and that the only natural precedent for regression hypnosis is dreamwork.

Learn the history of regression hypnosis, discover the shamanic dreaming hypothesis, observe the dreamlike nature of ET/NHI contact through case studies, and explore geometric communications through anomalous body marks and UAP footage.

What if these experiences could be both dreams and real?

Field Guide to Anomalous Geometry

Body marks are often cited as “proof” of alien abduction, but what if the researchers who bravely risked their careers to break the taboo, (un)intentionally jumped to conclusions about who, how and why?

While exploring the red grid mark phenomenon, Daniel’s dream guide Galethog instructed him in how to seek the geometry within the marks. He applied the methods to hundreds of images of crop circles, body marks, UAPs and other luminous bodies, stunned to see the same repeating ratios and patterns across all of them. They are gathered here together as the largest printed collection of “abduction” marks. It raises even more important questions...

  • Could this be a means of communication?
  • What about the reports of strange ET/NHI dreams that accompany many of these marks?

Book of Galactic Light

One man’s quest to unravel the 500 year old magical conspiracy that invoked the Empire.

The hunt began with a niggling curiosity, an obsidian mirror and a trip across the world to satisfy hunger for occult knowledge. A mysterious illness followed, unexplainable by science. The trail resurfaced in the origins of hypnosis, with a celebrated and controversial magical genius. Roadblocks inner and outer abounded… Who am I to “do magic”? Who was Dr. John Dee? Was he talking with Angels or Demons or Aliens? Then the instructions came clear as day. DO THE RITUAL, NOW!

Daniel’s penetrating integral exploration of this conspiracy rabbit hole blurs genres. He shares both the angelic permission slip to treat the whole ritual as art, and his exhaustive preparatory and protective knowledge spanning Western Esotericism and Buddhist cosmology.

Contained within are true experiential divinations about the links between ancient blood rituals, sacred geometry, the Monas Hieroglyphica, the Philosopher’s Stone, how that relates to Angels, ET/NHI, and healing the apocalypse called for by Dee that shaped both the Empire and our culture.

A daring chronicle of the unexpected contact experience with Non-Human Intelligences (NHI) and their transmission of visions, and wisdom received while stepping between the worlds to “Call the Aethers” to end the world as we knew it, and herald the Golden Age of Galactic Light into this reality

D-SETI Research Institute Proposal

If ET/NHI encounters are dreamlike, how can we study them to improve our human world?

How can we use dreaming to communicate with UAP occupants, ETs, and NHIs?

The mission of D-SETI Institute is to lead humanity’s quest to understand our place in the cosmos and mediate our relationships with non-human intelligence through research and education on the ET/NHI encounter phenomena in dreams.

The dream shamanic hypothesis of ET/NHI contact, missing time, and regression hypnosis provides an ethical framework for making meaning from NHI/UAP encounters and enables a) generation of reliable public testimonies, b) repeatable interpretive methods, and c) collective negotiation with NHIs.

This is a collection of scholarly research papers regarding ET/NHI contact as it relates to dreams and altered states of consciousness from the perspectives of Integral Theory and Dream Studies. The Institute Proposal offers a 5-year plan to complete a dissertation on the subject, address the legacy of 1990s alien abduction research, and use lucid dreaming to engage NHI through validated dream telepathy methods.

All Books

These books represent a sort of dream journal for my exploration of ET contact through dreams.  An Illustrated Guide to Practical Dreaming records my first explorations of shamanic dreamwork.  Immediately after writing the book, I had a very dream-like experience in the National Aquarium with a cuttlefish.  I paused and observed it's flashing, looking into its eyes, and imagined that a telepathic communication was occurring.  The whole experience felt like a simple day-dream.

After the connection, I received what people call "downloads", which were bundles of thoughts and feelings from the same source I encountered through the cuttlefish.  I worked with these downloads by writing and illustrating a series of artistic prose-poems.  The Alchemists' Dream is Now Achieved is my first recommendation.

In 2021, I became deeply inspired to conclude my inquiry into John Dee, the 16th century scholar and magus.  Dee's work might be a relevant historical precedent for ET/NHI contact through dreams and dream-like experiences, perhaps like an early ET channeler or hypnotist.  The Book of Galactic Light summarized my 7-year inquiry into Dee and provides a transcript of performance of his rituals for angelic communication.