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Combine the quest for extraterrestrial life with the exploration of your dreams.

Founded by Daniel Rekshan, D-SETI offers dreamwork sessions, regression hypnosis, groups, and education about dreams and extraterrestrial (ET) or nonhuman intelligence contact (NHI).

D-SETI puts forward the hypothesis that ET/NHI contact and regression hypnosis is dreamlike.

D-SETI stands for the Dream Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and uses lucid dreaming as a SETI method (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

Welcome to D-SETI!

At D-SETI, we delve into the profound connection between human consciousness and extraterrestrial intelligences. I founded D-SETI with the mission to lead humanity’s quest to understand our place in the cosmos and mediate our relationships with non-human intelligence through research and education on the ET/NHI encounter phenomena in dreams.

Connect with the mission through dreamwork and hypnosis services or education through our books and research articles.

I am glad you are here! Thank you for exploring the fascinating and important topic of ET/NHI contact in dreams.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to say "hi" at

- Daniel

D-SETI Services

D-SETI offers dreamwork education, training, and sessions focused on extraordinary experiences like ET or NHI contact in dreams. All services begin with a free and no-obligation consultation and are offered by sliding-scale donations.  Please review the D-SETI terms of service before scheduling your consultation.

Experiencer, Study, and Dreamwork Groups
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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)
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The mission and research of D-SETI is documented through the D-SETI Quadrilogy, which examines the topics of dreams, hypnosis, missing time, and ET/NHI contact from an integral perspective.

D-SETI Research Institute Proposal
Missing Time Found
Book of Galactic Light


D-SETI has been an academic interest of founder Daniel Rekshan since his master's degree in East-West Psychology and training in Depth Hypnosis.  Daniel is educated in the classical liberal arts and has training in integral studies.  He applies the methods of scholarly literature review to explore D-SETI hypotheses.

Alien Abduction is a Special Dream Phenomenon with Anomalous Physical Effects
Alien Abduction Believer Syndrome
UAP Crash Narratives as Iteration of 1990s Alien Abduction Research Conspiracy
Shamanic Dreamwork as a Precedent for Alien Abduction Experience Hypnosis