Western Esotericism

An irrational resolution to the Fermi Paradox

Western Esotericism refers to traditions of philosophy and spiritual practice that include ceremonial magic and find their roots in the synthesis of many ancient Western cultures.  Interaction with spiritual beings like angels, demons, elements, and spirits is central to Western Esoteric practices and lore.

There is a rich history of interaction with celestial beings.  Ascleipus, the ancient Greek god of healing and dreams, was a shape-shifting reptilians humanoid who lived in the sky, which calls to mind modern descriptions of ETs.  He was a central character in Hermetic literature, which are central to Western Esoteric thought.  Other precedents for modern NHI/UAP encounters include Neoplatonic practices that described gods as luminous spherical bodies that were associated with geometry and dreams.

If we take the testimony of Western Esoteric writers seriously, then we must interpret it as evidence for interactions with real NHI entities.  Many scientists, mathematicians, artists, and prophets attribute dreams of entities like angels or gods as a cause for their cultural contributions.

The word "esoteric" implies a sense of hiddenness, which is often explained as a defense mechanism against persecution by empires.  For example, Socrates was famously killed by the Athenian empire and many thinkers like him were persecuted by the Catholic Church and its associated empires.  Western Esotericism may resolve the Fermi Paradox by presenting evidence of NHI encounters, reflections on how and why they occurred, and a historic explanation for why it appears there is no evidence.

DSETI draws upon the traditions of Ascelpian dream incubation, Platonic contemplations, and John Dee's Enochian Magic, which are described in the book Book of Galactic Light by Daniel Rekshan. 

Key Concepts

  • Western Esotericism is a tradition of hidden spiritual philosophy and practice
  • It involves philosophy, geometry, dreams, and spiritual practice
  • It involves entities like angels, daemon, fairies, and ETs
  • May be seen as an indigenous spiritual practice that was persecuted by empire
  • May resolve the Fermi Paradox
  • John Dee and Enochian Magic may be primary example of early ET/NHI hypnosis
  • Neoplatonic Theurgy may document interactions with light orb UAPs that communicate through geometry
  • Ancient Greek philosophers associated geometry with spiritual practice and communication
  • Western Esotericism may be the appropriate shamanic practice for mainstream Western culture that reveals a tradition of NHI encounters and communications

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