D-SETI has been an academic interest of founder Daniel Rekshan since his master's degree in East-West Psychology and training in Depth Hypnosis.  Daniel is educated in the classical liberal arts and has training in integral studies.  He applies the methods of scholarly literature review to explore D-SETI hypotheses.

Alien Abduction is a Special Dream Phenomenon with Anomalous Physical Effects
Alien Abduction Believer Syndrome
UAP Crash Narratives as Iteration of 1990s Alien Abduction Research Conspiracy
Shamanic Dreamwork as a Precedent for Alien Abduction Experience Hypnosis
Lucid Dreams as a Contact Modality
A Jungian Foundation for Quantitative Analysis of Dreams and Other Psychical Phenomenon 
Embodying Dreams: An Exploration of Native American and Western Approaches
Inquiry into Testimony of Dream Healing from the Asclepion at Epidaurus