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Sharing dreams is essential to dreamwork and dream research.  People share their dreams with D-SETI and its founder, Daniel, for a variety of reasons.  Some people just appreciate that someone is listening to their story.  Other people feel it is valuable that the dreams are recorded because they might provide insight about anomalous phenomena. 

Use this form if you:

  • Just want to share your story
  • Think your story may provide insight regarding D-SETI topics
  • Want to receive reflections from Daniel over email
  • Have photos or videos of body mark or UAPs with geometry you'd like analyzed

Dream/Experience Report Form

Dream Sharing is Fundamental to Society

Human society may have evolved because we learned to empathize with each other as we imagined each other's dream stories. Sharing dreams leads to insight and empathy. Working with another perspective is helpful to stabilize your conscious awareness in the dream.

Do you have an experience you'd like to discuss or think would be valuable for D-SETI Research? People often share stories of dreams, ET/NHI encounters, or anomalous geometry like strange body marks.

Sharing your story may lead to insights just from the story-telling process. ET/NHI and dream experiences are similar to spiritual or religious because they involve sharing testimony in private ways with priests or shaman and public ways with communities.

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How do you interpret this event?
Only you know what this event means. What is your interpretation and how did you come to it?

Photos, video, and other media

Please upload any media you want analyzed or share links to the media else where on the internet. If you have trouble with this form at all, you may send an email to

It is often helpful to have multiple photographs from different angles to work with. You may upload a few photos, but please describe the media you have about the event so that they may be considered during the analysis and requested if needed.

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