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Missing Time Found

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  • Why is alien abduction and UFO sightings associated with missing time?
  • Do aliens control minds or are ET encounters so traumatic that they are forgotten?
  • Why are hypnotically recovered memories of alien abduction or ET contact so strange, fantastic, and imaginative?
  • How can the stories about alien encounters be real when they are so clearly dreamlike?

Missing Time Found presents the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of ET/NHI contact and missing time regression, observing that the only natural precedent for ET/UFO missing time is unremembered dreaming and that the only natural precedent for regression hypnosis is dreamwork.

Learn the history of regression hypnosis, discover the shamanic dreaming hypothesis, observe the dreamlike nature of ET/NHI contact through case studies, and explore geometric communications through anomalous body marks and UAP footage.

What if these experiences could be both dreams and real?