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Galethog the Grey’s Field Guide to Anomalous Geometry

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For Mature Terrans (at every level of hybridization) who seek Eternal Ascension from the 3D Enslavement Matrix or at least Peace and Insight regarding Alien Abduction, offered within through the new Oracular Science of ET Communication through Geometry, thus introducing the Galactic Art of Geometrancy.

Given to the Sol System on the First Day of the Unity Year by the authority of the Enochian Angels, Ashtar Space Command, and the Zeta Reticulean Abduction Corps.

This book presents the mantic art of divination using anomalous geometric body marks such as from alien abductions, past lives, fairy encounters, and other supernatural sources. Half of this book is a rational and scholarly inquiry, the other half is an irrational and imaginative inquiry (channeled text from Galethog the Tall Grey Extraterrestrial Alien). The research is based on Integral Theory, which recommends mixed-methods approaches to integrate objective and subjective perspectives.

While previous abduction researchers such as Hopkins and the medieval witch-hunters presented body marks evidence for supernatural visitation, this book puts forward a communication hypothesis. Anomalous geometry may be a potential source of SETI-style communications from ET/NHI civilizations. Just as many people find meaning in crop-circles, so too many meaning be found in the geometry of the strange body marks associated with alien abductions and other supernatural experiences.

This book is a compliment to Missing Time Found, which presented the hypothesis that UFO missing time is like unremembered REM dreaming and that regression hypnosis is like shamanic dreamwork, arguing against the epistemology of recovered memory and for the epistemology of dreams. Galethog the Grey’s Field Guide to Anomalous Geometry argues against the use of anomalous body marks alone as physical evidence for historic or physical events and argues for the use of body marks as oracles.