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D-SETI Research Institute Proposal

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If ET/NHI encounters are dreamlike, how can we study them to improve our human world?

How can we use dreaming to communicate with UAP occupants, ETs, and NHIs?

The mission of D-SETI Institute is to lead humanity’s quest to understand our place in the cosmos and mediate our relationships with non-human intelligence through research and education on the ET/NHI encounter phenomena in dreams.

The dream shamanic hypothesis of ET/NHI contact, missing time, and regression hypnosis provides an ethical framework for making meaning from NHI/UAP encounters and enables a) generation of reliable public testimonies, b) repeatable interpretive methods, and c) collective negotiation with NHIs.

This is a collection of scholarly research papers regarding ET/NHI contact as it relates to dreams and altered states of consciousness from the perspectives of Integral Theory and Dream Studies. The Institute Proposal offers a 5-year plan to complete a dissertation on the subject, address the legacy of 1990s alien abduction research, and use lucid dreaming to engage NHI through validated dream telepathy methods.