Terms of Service

D-SETI dreamwork is a service offered by Daniel Rekshan.  It is a non-clinical service and is not mental health therapy.  Dreamwork involves relating to the unconscious mind, which can be triggering and may involve experiences as intense as your nightmares or other dream-like experiences.  

D-SETI focuses on ET contact, but cannot make statements regarding the ontological significance of dreams.  Dreamwork can help you work with your dreams or dream-like experiences of ET contact, but it can not say if it was more than a dream. 


D-SETI looks to shamanic dreaming practices and cultures as models for engagement.  Shamanic dreaming cultures acknowledge the psychical reality of dreams.  D-SETI looks to the ancient Greek practices associated with Asclepius, the god of dreams and medicine, and Socrates, the father of Western philosophy, as models for working with dreams and non-human intelligences.  Further, D-SETI looks to John Dee, not Mesmer, as the primary precedent for ET/NHI-associated hypnosis.

Therefore, the D-SETI understands dreamwork to involve mythic, psychic, spiritual, and/or transpersonal aspects of experience.  While dreamwork may involve objective knowledge, it is not historic testimony.  

Any exploration of ET contact through dreamwork or hypnosis must be understood like religious or spiritual testimony.


By working with Daniel Rekshan and D-SETI in dreamwork, you acknowledge that:

  • Daniel Rekshan is offering exclusively offering dreamwork sessions, which are not therapy
    Session work is understood to be dreamwork
  • Dreamwork involves relating with the unconscious mind and therefore may trigger unresolved issues
  • Dreamwork is generally non-harmful and dreamer-directed
  • Dreamwork is not therapy or a mental health intervention
    Insights from dreamwork require interpretation to make objective or historic conclusions


By working with Daniel Rekshan and D-SETI in dreamwork, you understand that:

  • Exploring missing-time episodes or historic events through dreamwork impacts the credibility of your memory and testimony
  • Dreamwork involving ET/NHI contact is often intense and may trigger repressed feelings
  • Dreamwork involving ET/NHI contact is best performed in resilient states of consciousness supported by mindfulness practice, not as an intervention for mental health or trauma resolution issue
  • Only you can say what your dream means or whether it involves objective or historic memory


By working with Daniel and D-SETI in dreamwork, you agree to:

  • Dreamwork respects the privacy of the dreamer.  
  • The D-SETI website stores your email should you provide it and transactional data.  It uses cookies to anonymously report data for the purpose of improving your experience.
  • D-SETI keeps records of financial transactions and notes from sessions in reasonable secure ways, but makes no guarantee of absolute privacy.
  • You are responsible for discerning the level of confidentiality you wish to share.  You are under no obligation to share anything you do not wish to share.  Dreamwork is not therapy.  Share only as much as you might share with a psychic or priest.
  • Sharing stories is an important part of dreamwork.  I may share my personal story of working with you, in ways that are not personally identifying by changing names and not providing sets of identifying details, if I feel it may be of benefit.  You may ask for any or all of your story to not be repeated.
  • If you have questions about privacy, you may email me at daniel@dseti.org.


By working with Daniel and D-SETI in dreamwork, you agree to:

  • Release Daniel Rekshan from any liability because you are at choice to engage in dreamwork
  • Take full responsibility as final authority regarding the significance of your dream
  • Respect your dream or dream-like experience by acknowledging that you may interpret the dream in many different ways at many different times
  • Practice mindfulness and conscious intention in working with your dreams
  • Adhere to the principle of non-harm when working with your dreams
  • Share your narrative testimony regarding ET/NHI contact and our dreamwork sessions like you would share dream narratives

Schedule Your Consultation Now

Working with D-SETI is involves a few simple steps:

  1. Free and no-obligation consultation to discuss your intention, in which we will schedule session work and discuss donation expectations
  2. Performance of service like a dreamwork session, geometric analysis,  or dream interpretation
  3. Delivery of produced content like recorded sessions, geometric figures, or written text
  4. Sliding scale donation through a write-in PayPal form

Service as a Spiritual Practice

All services are offered as a professional psycho-spiritual practice of Daniel Rekshan, which means it is more like the spiritual counselling services or ritual sacraments of a priest than a therapist.  Daniel offers no mental health advice or interventions, rather he works with dreams as a psycho-spiritual level through practices based in creative expression, shamanism, mindfulness, hypnosis, and dreamwork.  The entire process is modeled after the practice of dream incubation practiced by the priests of Asclepius, who was the ancient Greek god of medicine and dreams.

Donation Policy

D-SETI Dreamwork is a psycho-spiritual practice understood through models of religious and spiritual service.  Daniel offers most services by donation, which you pay after the service is rendered through a write-in form.  People who have more money tend to donation more, while people who have less money pay what they can afford. 

Free and No-Obligation Consultation

All D-SETI services begin with a free and no-obligation consultation.  Some people donate for Daniel's time, some do not and there is no expectation.  The conversation happens on a Zoom video call.  You can schedule your consultation by using the form below.  The Calendly service will help you find a good time and will send you an email confirmation and Zoom link.  If you receive the Calendly confirmation, then your consultation is confirmed and you can expect to see Daniel at the time you signed up.

You can sign up for a consultation just to talk with Daniel about D-SETI topics and there is no obligation to schedule D-SETI services or donation.

Use the form below to schedule your consultation (email daniel@dseti.org if you need other times or assistance).