D-SETI offers several different types of dreamwork sessions that lead you through the same process of working with your dreams or dream-like experiences.  

The session offerings all begin with a consultation, in which we get to know each other and address any questions you might have.  We'll discuss possible dreamwork paths that will serve you and your intention.

Each dreamwork engagement is as unique as each dreamer.  We will discuss your unique intentions during the consultation and will establish a path for you.

All sessions are online using Zoom.

When you purchase a session, you will be provided a link, via email and the D-SETI website, to schedule your session.


45 minutes conversation

$25 (first consultation includes $25 discount on your next purchase)

Share your story, discuss questions and concerns, and map out paths forward.

The consultation is 45 minute conversation about your experiences, intentions, and questions.  We won't do any hypnotic dreamwork, but we will practice mindfulness.

You'll be invited to share your extraordinary story regarding ET contact, missing time, or whatever else you wish.  We'll discuss how dreamwork might support your journey.

We'll discuss the basic terms of dreamwork:

  • Respect for the dreamer as authority regarding significance
  • Respect for the dream as multidimensional
  • Dreamwork is not therapy or an intervention for mental illness
  • Dreamwork regarding missing time or memories is not historic testimony, rather it must be treated like religious testimony

Dreamwork or Interpretation Session

90 minute conversation

$90 USD

Dream interpretation is likely older than written history.  People seek interpretation for the big dreams that you can't ignore.

Dreamwork and interpretation is a fundamental activity of humanity, in fact, it may be the essential activity that shifted our neurology all those years ago.  We often associated dream interpretation with cheap tabloids or Freudian shrinks, so it is important to recognize that the history of Western civilization was shaped by dream interpreter such as Rene Descartes, Socrates, and the prophet Daniel.

Dream interpretation involves telling your story and discussing your thoughts and feelings.  We may explore aspects of the dream or dream-like experience through relaxation and imagination exercises.  We may use a variety of dreamwork exercises to explore the dream.

At the end of the conversation, I'll ask if you would like to hear my perspective.  If so, I'll offer my perspective and interpretation and will invite you to accept or reject as part of it as you see fit.  I may invite you to perform an action like making a work of art, committing to a path of meditation, or some other meaningful action.

Depth Hypnosis

Consultation and 2-3 90 minute sessions

$184 bundled price ($230 value)

A journey based in hypnosis, shamanic journey work, and mindfulness

Depth hypnosis is a modality of spiritual counseling model created by Dr. Isa Gucciardi in the mid-1990s, which synthesizing key principles of shamanism, Buddhism, hypnotherapy, and transpersonal psychology.  Daniel Rekshan is certified in the modality by the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners.

Depth Hypnosis typically involves 3-5 90 minute sessions involving conversation, hypnosis, and shamanic journeywork.  A typical Depth Hypnosis journey involves:

  1. Interview or story telling regarding intention and personal history
  2. First trance to connect with intuition and build rapport
  3. Intention-driven sessions

Quantum Healing

Consultation and 3-5 hour session


A deep and transformative journey inspired by Dolores Cannon

Beyond Quantum Healing is a healing modality developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, student of Dolores Cannon.  Candace created the modality to bring the power of QHHT to the digital age in support its use over Zoom.

A Beyond Quantum Healing typically involves several steps:

  1. Crafting an intention
  2. Inducing the trance
  3. Building rapport with intuition
  4. Several journeys that address intention
  5. Questions and answer with source of wisdom

Learning Meeting

45 minute conversation

$49 or included within class package

Time to discuss your learning goals, process, and progress

The field of dreams, ET contact, psychology, and philosophy is complex and confusing. D-SETI offers education in dreamwork and ET/NHI contact from a Western Liberal Arts and Integral Studies perspective and based upon credentials and training in hypnosis, dreamwork, and other modalities.

Each paid course of study includes a learning meeting.  You may schedule it as you see fit, at the beginning, middle, or end of the course.  

You may schedule additional learning meetings to support your course of study.  You may schedule a learning meeting without being enrolled in D-SETI course. 

Integration Conversation

45-90 minute conversation

Space and time to process, explore, and make sense

 The integration conversation is a space to freely explore and process dreams, dream-like experiences, or the dreamwork we've done together.  You might have had a dream-like experience of ET/NHI contact or your may have made contact with your own unconscious mind.  

Sometimes it's helpful just to be heard.  I'll practice mindfulness in our conversation and will invite you to practice mindful breathing as a way to being.  If you want, we can bring in dreamwork, otherwise we can just talk and process your story.

It's important to know there's time to make sense of dreamwork later, which is why I offer integration conversations for free after your sessions. 

If you've had a session with me and would like to discuss it, explore what's coming up for you, or just think out loud, then feel free to schedule a conversation.

Dreamwork as a Path

Every dreamwork engagement is unique.  It's a journey into the unknown together.

Most shamanic cultures honor the psychical reality of dreams and utilize dream interpreters.  The role of the dream interpreter is like a priest, shaman, mentor, or just a good listener.  

Some people feel called to work with their dreams in an on-going relationship. I work with people for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways.  Generally, people start working with me through one or a few sessions.

Ready to work with your dreams and find meaning in your experience?

Hi, I'm Daniel

I've experienced powerful dreams and contact with NHI in dreams. I've devoted my academic path to studying and practicing with dreams and ET/NHI contact.  It appears that mindfulness and dreamwork can be of service experiencers.

If you'd like to talk about your experience and explore how dreamwork may be of service, then please book your consultation now.

You can ask any question, you can share only what you want, and you're not obligated to continue the process. You can just be curious.