Preparation and Aftercare

Preparation and Aftercare

Dreamwork is generally understood to be non-harmful and hypnosis feels like a nap.  It's important to prepare for you session so that you feel relaxed and at ease.

You will have your own way of preparation and caring for yourself.  D-SETI recommends mindfulness practice, being open to dreams, creating a safe space, and taking time to integrate.

It's okay to be nervous.  Even if you haven't practiced dreamwork before, it's important to realize that it's an essential human activity.  It will come as naturally as breathing if you allow yourself to be present.

Practice mindfulness

Be here and now

Dreams and ET/NHI contact seems to respond to mindfulness.  You can practice mindfulness by being present moment-to-moment in a non-judgmental way. Breath meditation is a good way to practice mindfulness.  

Deepen whatever meditation or mindfulness practice you have to prepare for your dreamwork session.

Be open to dreams

Let go of expectations and be open to possibility

Dreams are essentially creative and nonlocal in space and time.  They respond to attention and intention.   As soon as you open to dreamwork, your dreaming mind responds.

You may have more dreams or notice omens or synchronicity.  Be mindful about the messages you receive by contemplating them.

Create a Safe Space

Prepare for your session like a journey

Take some time to prepare your space.  You may want to:

  • Clean your space
  • Prepare for a face-to-face conversation, like at your desk
  • Prepare for relaxation experience, like on a couch or bed
  • Ensure you have a good microphone

While hypnotic dreamwork is like a relaxing day-dream, you may encounter strong or distressing emotions.  It is helpful to schedule time after the session to meditate, process, or reflect on the experience.

Take Time to Integrate

Invite your dreams into your life by taking time and action

It is important to take time and integrate your dreamwork experience.  You may want to take some reasonable action in your life.  Some people make art, shift their perspectives, or transform their lives based on their dreams and intuition.

It is important to give space before making major decisions.  Take time to process your experience before talking about it. 

D-SETI offers complementary integration conversations after your dreamwork session to give you space and time to talk or process the experience. 

Ready to work with your dreams and find meaning in your experience?

Hi, I'm Daniel.  

I had an extraordinary and dream-like experience just like you.  I've devoted my academic path to studying and practicing with dreams and ET/NHI contact.

If you'd like to talk about your experience and explore how dreamwork may be of service, then please book your consultation now.

You can ask any question, you can share only what you want, and you're not obligated to continue the process. You can just be curious.