Missing Time Regression

Unlocking the Mysteries of Missing Time

At D-SETI, we believe that the answers to many of the universe's greatest mysteries lie within us. Regression hypnosis has been used to explore alien abduction, ET/NHI contact, and missing time intuitions.  At D-SETI, we understand that regression is not a reliable means of memory recovery, but may be a meaningful dreamlike experience.

What is Regression Hypnosis?

Regression Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic technique that guides you into a deeply relaxed state, allowing you to access and explore past life memories, subconscious experiences, and potential encounters with extraterrestrial intelligences. Through this process, you can gain profound insights into your past, heal unresolved issues, and understand your life's greater purpose.

Regression has been used for decades to explore extraterrestrial encounters, missing time, and alien abduction intuitions. While it is unreliable for memory retrieval, it reliably produces dreamlike experiences that may be relevant to your encounters.

Benefits of Regression Hypnosis

  • Discover Missing Time: Imagine insight regarding missing time that may influence your present experiences and relationships.
  • Heal Emotional Wounds: Address and heal deep-seated emotional traumas and unresolved issues from the past.
  • Connect with Higher Consciousness: Tap into your higher consciousness and gain spiritual insights and wisdom.
  • Explore Extraterrestrial Encounters: Access memories of possible extraterrestrial encounters and experiences beyond the ordinary.

Our Approach

Our founder, Daniel Rekshan, brings a unique blend of academic rigor and spiritual insight to regression hypnosis. With years of experience in exploring consciousness and extraterrestrial phenomena, Daniel has developed a specialized approach that integrates scientific methodology with deep spiritual understanding.

Here at DSETI, we believe that regression hypnosis is actually shamanic dreamwork. Daniel, our founder, has written extensively on this hypothesis. If you'd like to learn more, check out our books and articles.

Hypnosis and dreamwork are very similar. The only difference is that assume that the hypnosis experience is not like a memory and requires interpretation like a dream.

What to Expect in a Session

  1. Initial Consultation: We'll start with a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations for the session.
  2. Guided Relaxation: You'll be guided into a state of deep relaxation, creating a safe and comfortable environment for exploration.
  3. Regression Journey: Through gentle guidance, you'll journey back to past memories and experiences, uncovering insights and healing along the way.
  4. Integration and Reflection: After the session, we'll spend time reflecting on your experiences and integrating the insights gained into your everyday life.

Who Can Benefit?

Regression Hypnosis is suitable for anyone interested in exploring their subconscious mind, healing past traumas, and seeking a deeper understanding of their life's purpose and potential extraterrestrial connections. Whether you are new to hypnosis or have previous experience, our sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

There's a lot of confusion about regression hypnosis for missing time, alien abduction, and ET/NHI contact. DSETI cuts through the confusion by assuming hypnosis is like a dream, therefore may be safe and meaningful for most experiencers.

Schedule Your Consultation Now

Working with D-SETI is involves a few simple steps:

  1. Free and no-obligation consultation to discuss your intention, in which we will schedule session work and discuss donation expectations
  2. Performance of service like a dreamwork session, geometric analysis,  or dream interpretation
  3. Delivery of produced content like recorded sessions, geometric figures, or written text
  4. Sliding scale donation through a write-in PayPal form

Service as a Spiritual Practice

All services are offered as a professional psycho-spiritual practice of Daniel Rekshan, which means it is more like the spiritual counselling services or ritual sacraments of a priest than a therapist.  Daniel offers no mental health advice or interventions, rather he works with dreams as a psycho-spiritual level through practices based in creative expression, shamanism, mindfulness, hypnosis, and dreamwork.  The entire process is modeled after the practice of dream incubation practiced by the priests of Asclepius, who was the ancient Greek god of medicine and dreams.

Donation Policy

D-SETI Dreamwork is a psycho-spiritual practice understood through models of religious and spiritual service.  Daniel offers most services by donation, which you pay after the service is rendered through a write-in form.  People who have more money tend to donation more, while people who have less money pay what they can afford. 

Free and No-Obligation Consultation

All D-SETI services begin with a free and no-obligation consultation.  Some people donate for Daniel's time, some do not and there is no expectation.  The conversation happens on a Zoom video call.  You can schedule your consultation by using the form below.  The Calendly service will help you find a good time and will send you an email confirmation and Zoom link.  If you receive the Calendly confirmation, then your consultation is confirmed and you can expect to see Daniel at the time you signed up.

You can sign up for a consultation just to talk with Daniel about D-SETI topics and there is no obligation to schedule D-SETI services or donation.

Use the form below to schedule your consultation (email daniel@dseti.org if you need other times or assistance).