Geometry is way more than numbers, it is a gateway to another world

The ancient practice of geometry was based on only a ruler and compass.  While modern math arose from ancient geometry, modern people are often surprised to learn that ancient geometry was a spiritual practice and involved myth as much as reason.  Socrates, the father of Western Philosophy, was a great example.  He said that geometry could help us remember the world of forms, which is where our souls come from, but we forget when we are born.

Socrates used myths he learned from cult rituals in order to explain what he meant.  The cult rituals involved enacting mythology through drama while under the influence of psychedelics.  Socrates said that he encountered an entity in the rituals, which he called a daemon (meaning intermediary being, not evil demon), who taught him many things.

Many SETI theorists suggest that geometry is a universal language.  DSETI suggests that geometry could be more than numbers.  DSETI suggests that it could be direct conscious communication with nonhuman intelligence (NHI) based on the precedents of mandala practice, active imagination, and Platonic thought.  The example of John Dee, the 16th century scholar who brought Euclid to the English speaking world, provides a near-modern example of NHI communication through geometry.

There are two sources of anomalous geometry that DSETI focuses on, based on the precedent of crop circles:  

  1. UAPs and UFOs, such as in their pulsation or formation.
  2. Anomalous body marks associated with strange dreams, missing time, or alien abduction narratives.

DSETI advocates for use of geometry and psi as a SETI instrument, which is a expressed in the book Galethog the Grey's Field Guide to Anomalous Geometry by Daniel Rekshan and supported by his academic research papers.  

Key Concepts

  • Ruler and compass geometry is a practice that synthesizes math, mindfulness, and spiritual communication
  • UAPs frequently are observed as geometric, fly in geometric formations, or pulsate in geometric patterns
  • Anomalous body marks are associated with supernatural encounters like abduction
  • Psychosomatic mechanisms may explain some part of the body mark phenomenon, but point to the reality or importance of the associated dream, missing time, or abduction narrative
  • Crop circles may be a precedent for geometric communication
  • SETI communications may happen nonlocally through dream telepathy and authenticated by geometry

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Geometry as Communication with Nonhuman Intelligences

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