Geometric Analysis

Decoding the Mysteries of the Cosmos

At DSETI, we specialize in the geometric analysis of anomalous phenomena, including unexplained body marks and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) footage. Our Geometric Analysis service offers a unique and comprehensive approach to understanding these mysterious occurrences through advanced geometric and pattern analysis.

What is Geometric Analysis?

Geometric Analysis involves the detailed examination of patterns, shapes, and structures that appear in anomalous body marks and UAP footage. By applying principles of geometry and advanced analytical techniques, we can uncover underlying patterns and connections that may provide insights into extraterrestrial intelligences and their interactions with us.

Benefits of Geometric Analysis

  • Identify Patterns: Detect and analyze geometric patterns in body marks and UAP footage.
  • Gain Insights: Uncover potential extraterrestrial connections and messages.
  • Scientific Rigor: Benefit from a methodical and evidence-based approach to analysis.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Receive detailed reports that explain the findings and their implications.

Our Approach

Daniel Rekshan, the founder of DSETI, combines his extensive background in academic research with cutting-edge analytical methods to provide thorough and insightful geometric analysis. His expertise ensures that each analysis is conducted with the highest level of precision and scientific integrity.

What to Expect in a Session

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a discussion to understand the nature of the anomaly and gather all relevant details.
  2. Data Collection: You will provide photographs or footage of the anomalous body marks or UAP for analysis.
  3. Geometric Analysis: Using advanced software and analytical techniques, we examine the patterns and shapes for significant geometric properties.
  4. Detailed Report: You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings, interpretations, and potential implications of the analysis.
  5. Follow-Up Discussion: We will discuss the results and answer any questions you may have about the analysis and its findings.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Geometric Analysis service is ideal for individuals who have experienced or documented unexplained phenomena and seek a deeper understanding of their experiences. Whether you have noticed strange body marks or captured intriguing UAP footage, our service can provide clarity and insights.

Schedule Your Consultation Now

Working with D-SETI is involves a few simple steps:

  1. Free and no-obligation consultation to discuss your intention, in which we will schedule session work and discuss donation expectations
  2. Performance of service like a dreamwork session, geometric analysis,  or dream interpretation
  3. Delivery of produced content like recorded sessions, geometric figures, or written text
  4. Sliding scale donation through a write-in PayPal form

Service as a Spiritual Practice

All services are offered as a professional psycho-spiritual practice of Daniel Rekshan, which means it is more like the spiritual counselling services or ritual sacraments of a priest than a therapist.  Daniel offers no mental health advice or interventions, rather he works with dreams as a psycho-spiritual level through practices based in creative expression, shamanism, mindfulness, hypnosis, and dreamwork.  The entire process is modeled after the practice of dream incubation practiced by the priests of Asclepius, who was the ancient Greek god of medicine and dreams.

Donation Policy

D-SETI Dreamwork is a psycho-spiritual practice understood through models of religious and spiritual service.  Daniel offers most services by donation, which you pay after the service is rendered through a write-in form.  People who have more money tend to donation more, while people who have less money pay what they can afford. 

Free and No-Obligation Consultation

All D-SETI services begin with a free and no-obligation consultation.  Some people donate for Daniel's time, some do not and there is no expectation.  The conversation happens on a Zoom video call.  You can schedule your consultation by using the form below.  The Calendly service will help you find a good time and will send you an email confirmation and Zoom link.  If you receive the Calendly confirmation, then your consultation is confirmed and you can expect to see Daniel at the time you signed up.

You can sign up for a consultation just to talk with Daniel about D-SETI topics and there is no obligation to schedule D-SETI services or donation.

Use the form below to schedule your consultation (email if you need other times or assistance).