Entity Encounters

Entity encounters are real and dreamlike at the same time

Humans have encountered spiritual or paranormal entities for all of history.  Around 25% of people report feeling a presence in their bedroom at night, while around 10% of people report sleep paralysis and out of body experiences, and around 8% of people report strange body marks and missing time at least once in their lives.  

Alien abduction is just one special type of sleep and dream related entity encounter.  People dream of monsters, angels, witches, spirits, fairies, elementals, and all sorts of entities.  The entities are sometimes associated with visions of the future, miraculous healings, supernatural knowledge, and changes in fortune.

Shamanic dreaming holds a principle that dreams are real and involve interaction with real beings.  The interactions may be modeled through power, energy, and intention.  Working with dreams of these entities mediates your relationship to them, which is central to shamanic and spiritual practices.

Working with shamanic and spiritual practices involves culturally-specific traditions and concepts.  Daniel Rekshan, DSETI founder, holds a master's degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and has trained in a variety of modalities.  He bases his shamanic practice on the culturally appropriate traditions of Western Esotericism.

DSETI advocates for the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of missing time, which is expressed in the scholarly book Missing Time Found by Daniel Rekshan and supported by his academic research papers.  

Key Concepts

  • Dreams involve encounters with entities that feel real
  • Entity encounters are associated with sleep paralysis and out of body phenomenon
  • Alien abduction may be a special type of dream-based entity encounter
  • Western philosophy begins with entity encounters with daemon, which are intermediary beings and not evil spirits
  • Shamanic dreamwork may mediate relationships with the entities
  • Shamanism is a universal principle expressed through cultural traditions
  • Entity encounters in dreams may have real effects, which may be mediated through shamanic dreamwork

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