Dreams are More than Hallucinations at Night

Many people think of dreams as meaningless nocturnal hallucinations.  DSETI highlights science that suggests dreams are much more than mere fantasies at night.  Dreams can solve problems, guide us to spiritual experience, and connect us to other dreamers and beings.

DSETI advocates for the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of missing time, which is expressed in the scholarly book Missing Time Found by Daniel Rekshan and supported by his academic research papers

Key Concepts

  • Everyone dreams, even if you don't remember it
  • Everyone can learn to remember their dreams or have lucid dreams
  • Dreams are considered real by nearly every culture besides mainstream Western culture
  • Dreams require interpretation to make meaningful, which is a culturally specific process
  • Documented types of anomalous dreams include sleep paralysis, shared dreaming, dream telepathy, miraculous healing and body mark dreams, and many others, which have been commonly confused for alien abduction
  • Lucid dreaming may be used for SETI or HICE/CE-5
  • Dreams respond to attitudes, intention, and mindfulness, therefore you may work with unwanted dreams or use dreams for personal development or other purposes

DSETI Content Library

Explore the fascinating realm of dreams with our rich content library. Whether you're looking to understand the science behind dreaming, learn techniques for lucid dreaming, or discover the spiritual significance of your dreams, our content provide valuable insights and guidance.

DSETI publishes several types of content:

  • References, which link to scholarly or scientific research literature about the topic and summarizes the major points
  • DSETI Research Articles, which are scholarly literature review or academic papers written by Daniel Rekshan, DSETI founder
  • Videos, which are video lectures, demonstrations, practices, or presentations related to the topic


Shamanic dreaming is universal and powerful


Solve problems by dreaming


Lucid dreams and OBEs can emulate alien abduction and UFO encounters

Research Article

Alien Abduction Believer Syndrome

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