Bledsoe’s UFO of GOD is likely a Satellite (Intelsat 29E)

 Research Article 

In May, 2022, David Broadwell organized the First Annual UAP Consciousness Connection conference, which was held at but not run by the Monroe Institute. It brought together experiencers like Dan Berg (my first missing time client) and Chris Bledsoe, academics like Darren King, and “government scientists” to film and study the phenomenon. They spent a week doing Monroe programs and other things, while going out at night to conduct human initiated contact experiences (HICE, sometimes called CE-5), in which they requested the manifestation of UFOs (now called UAPs). The group experienced tension regarding faith and skepticism, with Bledsoe’s charismatic faith winning the day. Upon reconciliation, the team filmed 40 minutes of a flashing light that stayed stationary relative to the Earth. The light was filmed by Rob Freeman and classified as a UAP by David Palachik, then MUFON Canada Director. Due to a series of dreams in December 2022, I explored the sighting as a potential signal of geometric communication from ET/NHI, which I still think it is by way of synchronicity. In January 2024, I solicited the second opinion of Dr. Michael Earl, an assistant professor at the Royal Canadian Military College and satellite expert, who concluded that the light was a geosynchronous satellite, likely the inactive Intelsat 29E. Like Pasulka, who engaged with Bledsoe in the writing of American Cosmic, I observe the religious aspects of Bledsoe and his team’s activity. This article draws upon public interviews and discussion of the event by King, Bledsoe, and Freeman, as well as my own record of my inquiry, to present the facts surrounding the possibly intentional nonidentification of the flying object. An intentionally non-identified flying object is not the same as a UAP.

At the start, I would like to say that I am not a debunker and I want to believe. I am presenting an analysis of the Monroe UAP that identifies it as a tumbling geosynchronous satellite. I want to state for the record that I appreciate my correspondence of Bledsoe’s team and with Palachik and Freeman. This article examines how unfounded UAP claims by Palachik, promoted by Freeman, and ended up as the final UAP sighing in a book endorsed by two spy masters. Palachik performed his own analysis, then consulted with an unnamed NASA employee who confirmed the sighting as a UAP, as well as kindly shared his thought process with me, although no calculations or references to literature were shared even though requested. The force of my criticism is aimed at Bledsoe’s claims that “government science” was performed at the Monroe Institute regarding UAPs, although Dr. Earl has shared some concerned about the scientific authority of Palachik and MUFON. I am raising my concern because it seems to me that many of his claims are religious in nature, not scientific, but are supported by the authority of “government scientists”. His voice is growing in the mainstream, with a major movie in the works, and it is simply confusing. What are government scientists doing with a UFO angel prophet (although he says he is not, he also claims to speak with celestial beings, and is sharing their message)?

Bledsoe interpreted the Monroe Flasher UAP as proof of or a sign that God responded to his prayers, which we can not doubt or falsify because it is a religious claim. He claimed to have as many as four of these orbs on camera, which we can verify by looking at this published footage (I couldn’t not find examples in any of his videos that are similar to the Monroe UAP, but identified what Bledsoe suggested are orbs accurately mimicking aircraft and saw many videos that are strange and orb-like). In addition to the synchronistic light, two mobile communication networks went down, further suggesting an ET/NHI response to their HICE invitation. David Palachik, director of MUFON Canada, classified the sighting as a UAP, concluding that it could not be a satellite or space junk. Bledsoe then presented the entire story as the final and most powerful anecdote to support his message that faith in God will help you see UFOs.

I became interested in the UAP as a candidate for SETI-style geometric messaging. At the end of 2022, I had a series of dreams that inspired me to learn ruler-and-compass geometry and apply them to things like crop-circles, body marks, and UAP footage. While I really wanted to study Freeman’s footage of an earlier UAP filmed in the Atacama desert in association with Dan Berg’s missing time episode, I focused on the Monroe UAP as a proof of concept because a) footage was available and b) it had already been vetted by experts.

I discerned regular patterns, which I interpreted as potential geometric communication and made a complex data visualization to explore the message. However, something didn’t sit right with me, so I check out the internet again. I found a thread on Metabunk that suggested the UAP was a geosynchronous satellite. I discovered that the light curve of the Monroe UAP was highly similar to known tumbling geosynchronous satellites, although it was not in any database and experts said otherwise. I found the precedent of the Raduga 14 satellite in Dr. Earl’s work and decided not to pursue the matter further. Raduga is the name of dream researcher, which I interpreted as an omen to leave the matter indeterminate, although it spurred a round of follow-up emails with those involved.

At this point in my inquiry, Bledsoe had already published UFO of God, which is a ghost-written “religious memoir” by Hayes Cooper, a recent poetry MFA graduate from Vanderbilt University. While Bledsoe has written to me that the Monroe UAP was not the climax of the book (the brain testing at Monroe was), I believe that the Monroe UAP could be interpreted as the UFO of God. First, the word UFO is used 50 times in the book, but only in the context of UFOlogy or general UFO discussion. The only instance of the word UFO in association with an actual sighting occurs in the last chapter in reference to the Monroe UAP. Additionally, the book concludes with the episode between “skeptics” at the event, the presence of which is questionable at an invite-only UAP Consciousness event. The event is used to demonstrate the triumph of open-minded faith over close-minded skepticism. I have screen-captured the final page of the book as a record of these assertions. While they are not necessarily knowledge claims, they demonstrate Bledsoe’s (and his ghost-writer, manager, etc) are willing to ignore science to play on the religious/emotional heart strings of the reader. If, however, the book presents another object as the UFO of God, perhaps we could claim that the Monroe Flasher was mimicking the true UFO of God, just as Bledsoe claims his orbs mimic known aircraft.

After demonstrating that the sighting has geometry, I shared my findings with the team. The fact that the light is regularly pulsing makes it obvious to a trained eye that it is a geosynchronous satellite, as there were several recent comments on the Youtube videos from amateur astronomers. While I thought it was potential evidence for ET/NHI communication, I reported this obvious clue to the Bledsoe team along with a graph of the light’s pulsation published January 21, 2023, later to become ETolemy visualization, through an email and a phone conversation with Broadwell around February, 20th 2023. To my mind, the Bledsoe team has sat with the knowledge that the Monroe Flasher UAP, aka the UFO of GOD, was either a tumbling geosynchronous satellite or SETI-style communication and done no further investigation for nearly one year. Read the UFO of God, watch the Danny Jones podcast (or the several other podcasts in which Bledsoe claims the point of the Monroe event was filming orbs), then ask yourself if it makes sense to ignore for nearly a year the fact a regular geometric pattern was discovered in the footage. When I asked myself this question, I chose to identify the Monroe UAP by asking for Dr. Earl’s second opinion.

Extraordinary Claims regarding the Monroe UAP

During the Danny Jones podcast on 12/4/2022, Bledsoe claimed (

  • Monroe event was created around Chris
  • Purpose was to see if we could film the phenomenon (no one has ever done it right before)
  • They had sensors sitting on the tops of mountains with random number generators (they were going off with the orbs up)
  • Rob Freeman filmed the orb on $250k of camera (not the $200k said in the book)
  • Certified “true and all” by MUFON Canada
  • “There that’s what we were doing, was filming with scientists. Government scientists, a whole lot of them, uh, using sensors and all to record this for the first time.” (yet not study the finding or even look into its regular patterning for nearly a year)
  • When questioned if they checked it against known databases, Chris claims he did not know, but knew the government scientists had sensors on the mountains.

Even though I have no training in video analysis or satellites, I correctly identified the Monroe UAP as a tumbling geosynchronous satellite eight months before Bledsoe’s conversation with Jones. So why didn’t the “government scientists” correct Bledsoe or the IC-related team that supports him (Broadwell, Semivan, and Alexander)? Either a) they knew the truth and have other motivations than honesty and science or b) they are not skilled at identifying UAPs, which is forgivable except that there are claims and/or implications that “government science” and the prominent members of the intelligence-community have endorsed his extraordinary story as true (although they are not actually responsible for what is published as a memoir).

Where are the government scientists? What do they have to say about Bledsoe’s claims? Who is funding this research, the taxpayer? Where are the bureaucratic documents that accompany “government science”? Until Blesdoe and his team actually point to the artifacts of true science (experiment designs, funding proposals, research articles), we must remain skeptical of the claims about government science. I thought that perhaps I missed those artifacts of science, so I questioned Bledsoe about research being done. He assured me that they have “hundreds of hours of film with high definition cameras and Flir and Nigh visions while using 2 artificial intelligence machines that tracks everything including space junk….you will get to see allot more about my family and working with the Monroe institute soon on television. There will be no question about what we filmed and lots of it”.

The Facts

Here are the facts as I understand them:

  • Filmed 5/31/2022 at 12:20am at the Monroe Institute in Virginia (footage), lasting around 45 minutes
  • Classified by MUFON Canada to be UAP (PDF report)
  • Located near NGC 6366 (astrometry results)
  • Regular pulsation pattern, to my eyes, similar to geosynchronous satellites (light curve on Tableau, produced by open source python files)
  • It is within 2 degrees of a band of geosynchronous satellites (see attached screenshot of in-the-sky and this Metabunk thread)

Need for Expert Second Opinion

While I intuited the UAP was a satellite in Q2 of 2023, I did not finalize my conclusion. I liked leaving the matter ambiguous because I don’t like debunking and the omen of the Raduga name. Instead, I established a complex personal myth around about the UAP that imagined a NHI moved a satellite to support the synchronicity of the event. However, the extraordinary claims made by Bledsoe on the Danny Jones’s podcast regarding the event made me realize that Bledsoe and his team may pose a challenge for clarity regarding UAPs and the separation of science, religion, and government.

While I had reached out to Palachik in the spring about the satellite intuition, he didn’t get back to me. I reached out again to question him about his conclusion and he emailed his reason “according to NASA there are no geosats up there that tumble. This would make then unusable and all old ones have been deorbited. This is from a ex NASA engineer I know who cannot be named due to his current work on UAPs.” Palachik’s initial report seems to suffer from the confusion that there are both geostationary satellites (orbiting above the equator) and geosynchronous satellites (orbiting at an inclination to equator, therefore producing a figure-8 motion in which it may appear stationary for periods of time). To be fair, when I first looked into this, I had no idea there were several different types of satellite orbits. When I first tried to understand them, I gave up and relied upon Palachick’s authority as MUFON Canada Director, after all, he seemed to know about satellites and UFOs. I’m not even sure I understand them now, but I know enough to know that Dr. Earl knows enough about satellites to identify the light, but Palachick, Bledsoe, and Broadwell do not.

How can an ex-NASA employee who works with UAPs, advising the MUFON Canada director about the “most researched UFO experiencer in the world” miss the fact that it is a tumbling geosynchronous satellite? How can the team of scientists who spent at least a week hoping for such footage not identify the UAP as a satellite? I have come to the conclusion that Bledsoe’s upper management did not expected there to be an actual “certified and true” UAP there. Even though we’re expecting UFOs to come and go to the stars, they may have another source but be something other than UFOs (they must be something when they are not-not-identified). This event reveals how the “government scientists” are calibrating their sensors and it certainly doesn’t look like they’re looking up to the stars. I must conclude then that the answer may be that UAPs discussed in the media and studied by “government scientists” may simply be a psy-op pushed by former or current intelligence community individuals. It quite literally is a conspiracy theory, but one that is made obvious by their endorsement of the book.

The Expert Opinion

When I looked for precedents of the Monroe UAP graph, I found the light curve of the Raduga 14 in Michael Earl‘s Masters Thesis about geosynchronous satellites. Personally, I enjoyed the synchronicity because Raduga is the name of a materialist dream researcher who used lucid dreaming to emulate ET/NHI contact, implying that ET/NHI contact is therefore unreal (I say dreams are real and may be the domain of real ET/NHI contact). Dr. Earl is currently an Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, with significant research and publication regarding space surveillance and geosynchronous satellites. While I do not know about the “two AI machines” used by Bledsoe’s team, I would imagine that they would use existing databases and research just like those used by Dr. Earl.

When I realized that the whole Monroe UAP experience was caused by an undeclared appeal to authority claim (directly to Palachik and his unnamed engineer and in directly to Bledsoe and the “government scientists”), I realized that my intuition (and Metabunk’s and Freeman’s) was correct. I realized that I needed to cite the authority of someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about and is willing to publicly share their expert opinion. Who better than Dr. Michael Earl, who has 25 years experience in the field and wrote his MA thesis on the subject?

I crafted an email to him, to which he clearly responded. It took him about 3 days, likely because he waited for the weekend, not the 1.5 years the “government scientists” had to figure it out. Here are his conclusions (quoted from his email response to me):

  1. Mr. Freeman’s initial hypothesis was likely the correct one: it is most likely an inactive geosynchronous satellite given its apparent flashing behaviour and apparent motion among the stars;
  2. Mr. Palachik was completely incorrect when he asserted that from his location Mr. Freeman could not see geosynchronous satellites in his eastern sky at the time. Geosynchronous satellites can be seen in a band from east to west through the southern sky (from the Northern hemisphere). However, most cannot be seen with the naked eye because their orientations are not correct (more on that later). Mr. Palachik was also completely incorrect about not being able to see bright stars and planets in the eastern sky. Whatever his sources or hypotheses were, they are wrong. He had completely misled Mr. Freeman when he asserted what he did;
  3. Based on my analysis, the mystery object was spotted at an azimuth of approximately 150 degrees, which is not east, but actually south-southeast. Therefore, Mr. Freeman did see the object in the southern sky (somewhat);
  4. Mr. Palachik is not an astronomer, nor a space surveillance professional, and it shows. I do not know the overall caliber of astronomy expertise that MUFON Canada has;
  5. Mr. Palachik had asserted that the “intensity was never repeatable”. I do not know what his definition of “repeatable” is, but from what I saw, there was an apparent periodic behaviour of the flashes. This is the kind of behaviour that I see regularly from inactive geosynchronous satellites. My experience suggests to me that Mr. Palachik is incorrect about his assertion to Mr. Freeman;
  6. Mr. Palachik said that he “put a tracker on it” referring to the 41-minute video. I have no idea what this means or what this “tracker” actually does. He never revealed how it tracked. He only concluded that it moved. How, exactly did it move? He never referred to angles of motion. He never used planetarium software to find the exact star field and check if geosynchronous satellites can actually appear in that area of the sky from Mr. Freeman’s location at that specific time. Once again, that was misleading;
  7. Mr. Palachik had revealed that his “tracker” moved with the stars. A geosynchronous satellite will appear to move with respect to the stars because it will not appear move (very quickly anyway) with respect to the Earth. Mr. Palachik should have not used the stars as a reference but the Earth itself. If he had done that, he would have discovered that the object moved much like a geosynchronous satellite;
  8. Mr. Palachik then remarked that the object “faded slowly away” and then claimed that that was because of the object “losing energy” or “going further away”. Neither are true in the case of a spinning geosynchronous satellite. As the Earth turns, the satellite will change its orientation with respect to the Sun. Any advantageous orientation will slowly change until the angle is no longer the right one to show flashing sunlight reflections. The result is a slow dimming until the satellite is no longer visible. It is likely that exactly 24 hours later, the object would re-appear and flash again, with a slightly lower or higher period, if it is indeed a geosynchronous satellite;
  9. Mr. Palachik repeated his incorrect assertion that geosynchronous satellites cannot be seen in the eastern or western skies from the Northern hemisphere. I have seen geosynchronous satellites from the eastern horizon to the western horizon. I can safely conclude that he is incorrect;
  10. Mr. Palachik then asserts that geostationary satellites do not move. Well, they do move; however, they move such that they orbit the Earth at the same time the Earth takes to rotate. From our location on the Earth, the geosynchronous satellites will not be seen to move with the stars and will appear to be stationary, unlike the stars. This is why we can point out satellite dishes once and not have to move them to track the satellites. The Earth basically tracks them for us as it rotates;
  11. Mr. Palachik asserts to Mr. Freeman that you can only see a flashing satellite for 15 minutes or less. I would like to see his research for this conclusion because I have seen satellites flashing for much longer than that. Mr. Freeman’s observations are typical for an inactive geosynchronous satellite exhibiting bright sunlight reflections. Mr. Palachik’s assertions are once again incorrect;
  12. Mr. Palachik’s “checking with NASA” led to his conclusion that no geosynchronous debris is stationary. That is correct, but he does not elaborate on what “stationary” means. A geosynchronous satellite can appear stationary with respect to the stars for a few minutes before its own motion with respect to the Earth is noticed. Mr. Palachik’s assertions seem very uneducated in this respect;
  13. Mr. Palachik asserts “There is nothing moving under 10,000 miles per hour in our space.” Geosynchronous satellites orbit with a speed of approximately 6,865 miles per hour, so he is definitely incorrect about that. He also doesn’t elaborate on what “motion” means; motion with respect to what reference?;
  14. Mr. Palachik concludes that the object cannot be man-made. I beg to differ. In fact, I have two images that I have attached that can show that he is likely incorrect in that assertion.

He concludes that it may be Intelsat 29E:

One of the attached images shows a screen capture of Mr. Freeman’s mystery object. The other image shows the same star field shown by a planetarium software with geosynchronous satellites overlaid at a time of 00:39 EDT May 31, 2022 from the Monroe Institute’s location in Virginia, USA. I have added green circles showing the location of the object in Mr. Freeman’s image and the predicted location of Intelsat 29E in the other planetarium screen capture. I can conclude that the Freeman object and the predicted satellite are at the nearly same position with respect to the star field. This is what Mr. Palachik should have done before talking with Mr. Freeman.

Based on what I analyzed so far, I can definitely say that the object that Mr. Freeman saw was most likely a geosynchronous satellite; possibly the inactive Intelsat 29E. I could know more if the observation time was known with more certainty.

Intelsat 29E is no longer active. It went dead on April 22, 2019; nearly three years before Mr. Freeman’s observations. The satellite’s orbit plane is now nearly 3 degrees off a typical active geostationary satellite orbit plane. This is expected for an inactive geosynchronous satellite.

I do not think it necessary to spend any more time establishing that the Monroe Flasher, aka the UFO of God, is a geosynchronous satellite misidentified as a UAP, with the consequence of supporting religious clams made in the guise of science. Further, Dr. Earl’s assertion makes it clear that the Bledsoe team either a) did not look into the UAP (incongruous with the extraordinary claims to government science at the Monroe Institute) or b) intentionally did not identify the satellite (like I left it indeterminate). While it is still possible to say that the UAP may not be Intelsat 29E, Dr. Earl’s response should be sufficient to establish the Monroe Flasher is a satellite. Here are the images he refers to:

Here is a PDF copy of the email exchange between me and Dr. Earl:

What about Bledsoe’s other claims of UAPs?

So what about Bledsoe’s claims about having “four of these orbs on camera” at once? Last summer, I went through every single video of orbs published on his instagram. I could not find a single example of a geosynchronous flashing light. In fact, the only flashing patterns I found could directly be explained by known aircraft. When I asked him for an example of such footage, he provided me the unstable footage of an out of focus airplane as determined by strobe light intervals, which I demonstrated and explained to him, but which he ignored and claimed orb-communication. Yes, his low-flying orbs are not like airplanes because they move more like drones. When I questioned Bledsoe about the similarity of flash intervals between his angelic orbs and airplanes, he said that it would be impossible for his camera to not pick up on the running lights of airplanes. He also told me that orbs can mimic aircraft. I have two direct communications via social media comments with him over about 10 months that demonstrate his consistent unwillingness to identify footage that looks like aircraft to actually be aircraft. Therefore, his orbs that look like out of focus aircraft, which flash in the same frequency as known aircraft, must be supernatural orbs mimic aircraft according to his line of thought.

I must then ask the question, what if the orbs he sees are actually advanced drones piloted by covert humans under the direction of his intelligence community managers or factions of the IC? Could we tell the difference if he can’t? How relevant are the CIA-atrocities of the 20th century like MK-Ultra or Mockingbird? Could it be possible they are still playing games, even if they say otherwise? If the only person who can film these orbs is also supported by a community who flies covert drones and has demonstrated their unwillingness to identify a geosynchronous satellite, how much more unwilling will they be to identify their own drone-craft? What if Bledsoe is truly having an religious experience with the drones because of his set, setting, and expectations, just like the group at the Monroe Institute had what appeared to be a spiritual experience of synchronicity, but that the material cause of his spiritual experience is covert spy craft?

The Monroe UAP taught me, if it flies like a satellite and flashes like a satellite, it is likely a satellite. Even if a charismatic southern gentleman with an emotional story tells me otherwise and says government science is looking it it. Further, this one event has taught me to trust my own intuitions over and above any authority in the media. At the time of writing this, I would still bet that the low-flying and non-flashing orbs he videos, and people testify to, are truly a phenomenon similar to UAP and will never be explained as a hoax, drone, or other conventional means. Experiencing the phenomenon doesn’t make one an expert in it. Regardless of my intuition that his orbs are truly spirits, the questions regarding IC-involvement must be addressed because of the history of the IC working psy-ops on citizens, allies, and enemies.

Bledsoe does not distinguish between satellites, planes, drones, and orbs because he has stated that all these may be ET/NHI orbs mimicking aircraft. He testifies that he can discern their true nature and that the government scientists are actually studying them for communication. While I do not doubt he is an experiencer of the phenomenon, and I must respect his personal interpretation of his personal testimony, I will consider his claims to be merely religious and not scientific. While the ethics and epistemology of dreamwork asserts that he is the final authority regarding the interpretation of his dreams, and I would say the dreamlike experience of ET/NHI contact, I will treat his stories like I treat other people’s stories of their nocturnal dreams, i.e., not personally relevant.

His low flying orb videos are impressive, as well as the testimony of those surrounding him. It still appears to me that Bledsoe is contacted by intelligent, self-moving, and structured light that speaks to him, much like the angels of old. Something appears to be happening there. However, like many other sources of media content, I have lost faith in their authenticity even if they document reality. To be fair, I personally believe that his direction of the Discovery channel crew to recreate his 2007 Cape Fear missing time event still corresponds to the geometric themes I am exploring. I still consider his personal testimony of his experiences to be compelling and have appreciated his son Ryan sharing his regression hypnosis transcription on the Bledsoe Said So podcast. One of the fundamental qualities of intuition is that it feels certain but one can be wrong. Bledsoe and his team, like all of us, may be equally confused about the phenomenon.

If the UFO of GOD is a satellite, is the phenomenon even real?

The fact that the media-production (government science?) apparatus around Bledsoe did not identify the Monroe UAP would be justifiable if we were talking about individuals making individual religious claims. I know from experience that it is very easy to be confused about how known aircraft and spacecraft fly. It is easy to get confused between geostationary and geosynchronous satellites. It is easy to be caught up in faith in the phenomenon. However, the UFO of God received the endorsement of two spy masters, was managed by a US Department of Housing Analyst (how and why are good questions, the answers of which involves orb/NHI dreams like nearly every geometry inquiry I have been on), and the case was advised by an ex-NASA employee. Additionally, the identification of the the UFO of God as Intelsat 29E was easy for Dr. Earl, who is, I believe, truly a “government scientist” as a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, as well as easy for Metabunk and the amateur astronomers who commented on the video.

Personally, I believe Bledsoe is a true experiencer of the phenomenon. I believe he can pray and see orbs and talk to angels. I believe that he does experience communication and that it should be studied. I will likely continue to study his testimony and orb footage. I believe that most of the stories he tells are true to his experience. However, his claims and statements are not science. His stories may simply be religious testimony constructed according to the management of individuals with direct connections to the intelligence community, whose involvement in the phenomenon is unclear. Grant Cameron has documented this well in his book Managing Magic. It looks to me like he is one of the first state-sponsored prophets of an emerging UFO religion, not the “world’s most researched UFO experiencer”.

Yes, the phenomenon is real, yes abduction experiences are still reported, yes people still see UFOs. It’s just that the phenomenon may be more complex than we can even say, which makes it difficult to come to categorical and objective statements.

How and why should we trust the media narrative that surrounds “the most credible experiencer” and his “extraordinary true story”? If he can’t tell the difference between airplanes and orbs, if his management team can’t tell the difference between satellites and UFOs of Gods, then why should we listen even if he is an experiencer of the phenomenon (just like you are)? Because his stories are compelling and the human spirit needs more than science, which may be something that those who manage his story understand.

What’s next?

This experience of truth and history has opened my eyes to the circus that is the media/government portrayal of the phenomenon. I had thought that geometry could lead to objectively demonstrable proof of ET/NHI communication, in addition to being a personally and transpersonally meaningful vehicle of NHI communication. There are two ways to look at UFO data with geometry. First, you can look at it like a scientific phenomenon that you are analyzing. You try to figure out what it is and is not. That’s what I did with the Monroe UAP, very poorly and slowly. That’s what Dr. Earl did very quickly and efficiently. That is not what the Bledsoe team has done, even though they claim to be doing science on the phenomenon.

The other option is to look at UFO data like an omen. Rather than analyze it, you perform divination on it. This is what I actually want to be doing, not debunking. It is like looking in the movements of clouds or birds for messages. These things truly speak in miraculous ways, but they consistently resist documentation and analysis. The mantic arts, like divination and sacred geometry, are ways we can make meaning from UFO documentation without needing to debunk or bunk the sightings. This is actually what UFO of God did, but because they didn’t balance faith with skepticism, their interpretation of the omens falls flat for me.

I will continue to do what I have been doing. I established relationship with dream NHI characters and worked with them to develop my own consciousness and inquiry. They instructed me to learn ruler and compass geometry, so I did. They pointed to the Monroe UAP as a source of meaning, and it was. My geometric analysis of the satellite’s pulsation pattern taught me many things about the phenomenon, which I believe are still meaningful observations.

Something is truly happening with the phenomenon, but we need to prepare ourselves for the fact that it might not be flying saucers or angel orbs or whatever else the media narratives of the day suggests. The biggest lie might be that we need to look up or go to the stars to see the phenomenon. What if all we ever needed to do was look within and discover that we are noumena already?

Dive deeper into this inquiry

I produced several presentations and a code repository from this inquiry:

Is Bledsoe’s UFO of God a satellite misidentified to foster a state-sponsored UFO religion?

While this question must be asked, the answer will be elusive like most UAPs. It will require time, energy, focus, and resource to make conclusions even though we can conclusively say that the Monroe Flasher UAP was a satellite.

Was it intentionally misidentified? I’m not sure, we’d have to ask the unnamed ex-NASA employee with whom the then-Director of MUFON Canada consulted.

Did its misidentification foster an emerging UFO religion? Likely yes, which should not be controversial given Pasulka’s explicit writing about Bledsoe in her book American Cosmic.

The point that Bledsoe is making religious claims should be obvious to anyone willing to watch his instagram videos of out-of-focus air craft that he calls “orbs” (yes, there might be some real ones too, but that’s the point isn’t it?). The claim that aircraft and satellite are “certified and true” UFOs, conventionally understood to be the vehicles of otherworldly occupants, is obviously a religious claim similar to the Holy Eucharist through which natural bread becomes supernatural flesh.

Is the emerging UFO religion state-sponsored? It is impossible for me to say. The facts are that two former government spy-masters endorsed his book, the event brought together “government” people and experiencers, and that the whole event was organized by a US Department of Housing Analyst, all the while being at a IC-associated institution.

It seems very tempting to believe there is an over-arching conspiracy and that those in the government know about the UFOs because they likely have UFOs. It is easy to make the assumption that Semivan and Alexander were capable of knowing that the UFO of God was a satellite, but that they didn’t care. However, the misidentification was actually a rookie mistake (even though it fooled Freeman, Palachik, and me). Therefore, the spy masters here (if there actually are any), are either rookie sky-watchers or else don’t care.

At best, the endorsement of UFO of God by IC-related individuals implies that this whole story is government-adjacent. To my eyes, it does not seem particularly state-sponsored. Rather, the connection between IC or government related individuals may be understood as the same level of connection that a Christian church might have who serve similar individuals. Without further investigation or clarification, it would be impossible to say that the state is sponsoring this new UFO religion, and I am not inclined to do such work.

Why did the spy-masters endorse the book if they don’t care about UFOs?

What if the whole UFO experiences is UFO of Gods all the way down? What if the whole field of UFOlogy is the confusion of religious omen and scientific observation? What if there will never be a good photo of a UFO because the primary phenomenon is nonphysical? What if the phenomenon is not the craft out there in the world but rather the personal and transpersonal experience of mystery and magic that one feels when they believe they are encountering craft? What if we were capable of encounters, magic, and mystery through our direct experience of nonphysical realms through spiritual practice and imagination? What if all we ever had in terms of photos and videos is all we’ll ever have because that’s all that’s really there?

At this point, I must affirm my personal belief in orb-like UAPs or NHIs that appear to be capable of creating and sustaining dreamlike experiences (missing time, ET/NHI encounters, high strangeness). I believe they primarily work through synchronicity to present omens, not facts or data, to experiencers. I believe they don’t care if the manifestation is an illusion of magic (like the Monroe UAP) or actually magic (like a flying saucer) because the effect is the same. Further, I believe that sometimes, they actually can teleport ET flying saucers in, but like a dream, thing must return to consensus reality in the waking phase, so these things evaporate like dreams.

Media producers and advertisers know how to operationalize human imagination. The CIA is known for managing collective imagination for political purposes (like Mockingjay). Ever since 2001, I have been aware that things in the media are not what they appear. Therefore, I must suspect that the Bledsoe story, as well as any other IC-supported experiencer, may be managed for unknown political purposes. Those purposes, however, are alien to me and I will not speculate on it any further than asking: why would the Semivan, the former CIA spy master, found a company named To the Stars with DeLonge, a content creator who believed they figured it all out and could actually build a UFO?

All speculation aside, it seems that the most that one could say is that Bledsoe has participated in government-adjacent studies with individuals who are relating to the phenomenon in both religious and scientific ways.

What does this say about the UAP craft retrieval and disclosure in 2024?

In the context of IC-originated media conspiracies, the UAP disclosure events of 2023 with the UFO Whistleblower and the Disclosure Act, look more to me like a sophisticated version of the UFO of God. At the time of writing this, most of the news footage of UAPs comes from Jeremy Corbell or the official DoD videos. They produce unexplained clips of these videos, parroting their military sources’ assertion that they are UAPs. However, some of these videos have been cleanly debunked such as the Navy Pyramid, which shows an out of focus plane through a night vision scope recorded on a hand-held device.

If an expert needs to tell me that the UAP footage is actually a UAP and not a camera artifact (I’m thinking of the Gimbal and the new Jellyfish) or an alleged journalist needs to tell me that military observers classified it as a UAP, then I must conclude that the footage is actually a camera artifact or other anomaly, but not a “certified and true” vehicle of otherworldly occupants.

While I am not doubting the existence of some physical craft that some NHIs can pilot into our space, I am doubting that UAPS as imagined as otherworldly craft (or angel orbs) are the primarily phenomenon involved with the phenomenon. If you track the recent usage of the word, it connects to Chris Mellon, a former Secretary of Defense and member of the famously wealthy American dynasty, and a producer of the film The Phenomenon.

In this light, I believe that the truest moment of disclosure in September, 2023 occurred when Jaime Maussan presented what appeared to be ET dolls to the Mexican Congress as if they were alien bodies. While it is obvious to my eyes that bodies are dolls, the Mexican Congress apparently listened to the alleged expert testimony and news outlets around the world picked up the story. Many people obviously believed in the story as possibly credible, just as many people believe in the UFO of God or government UAP disclosure. There may be many other cultures looking at the US and the UFO Whistleblower just like we looked at Mexico and the doll-like alleged ETs.

While I suspect the bodies are actually dolls, I assert that such pageantry may actually be part of the phenomenon. What is the point of UAP data, video, testimony, etc? If it actually is religion, why does science have to get involved? While the question is well beyond the scope of this article, I will say that it looks to me like these dolls are idols that embody nonphysical, yet real, spiritual consciousness that may actually have the capacity to act on its own in the world like an angel, thought-form, tulupa, etc.

Magic may actually be real, but its forms may change over time. Just as our ancestors used clay to make idols, or strange numeric-geometric drawings to make sigils and talisman, so too do moderns make vessels for their gods from illusion. The Empire, whenever and whatever that is, may be invested in controlling the vessels, idols, and talisman of our NHIs (ETs, angels, whatever). Just like the Neoplatonist Iamblichus was mocked for his belief in talisman and ritual by state-supported philosophers (who in turn helped established the Holy Eucharist as a state sacrament), so too it may be possible that we are being mocked by an Empire who aggressively transforms belief in magic into control mechanisms for the state.

So what about Disclosure? Even if there are some secret government buildings that hold “certified and true UFOs” and the government told us, it would not be the Disclosure we yearn for. The phenomenon may be illusive and mercurial by nature because we’re dealing with real yet mercurial beings, which is consistent with Vallee’s connection of the fae and UFOs.


While I have raise concerns about Bledsoe’s discernment of UAPs from orbs and presented Dr. Earl’s opinion that the Monroe Flasher UAP is a satellite, I must, alongside Bledsoe, testify that nonhuman intelligences speak through flashing lights, missing time, synchronicity, and dreams. I would like to affirm that the phenomenon (whatever that is) is real. Bledsoe and all those at the Monroe Institute truly had a remarkable night of sky watching. If Bledsoe claims angels speak to him through satellites, then they do. But those beings, while real, chose to speak through “most likely a geosynchronous satellite; possibly the inactive Intelsat 29E (Dr. Earl)”.