Alien Abduction

Dreams and hypnosis define alien abduction as the imagined story of missing time

There's a lot of confusion about alien abduction, so it's important to go back to definitions.  At DSETI, we look to the 1992 Unusual Personal Experiences booklet and its UFO Abduction Syndrome definition as the most for alien abduction because it involved all the major abduction researchers (Hopkins, Jacobs, and Mack) and was used by the Bigelow Holding Corporation to inform more than 100,000 mental health professionals through the booklet and subsequent conferences.

The UFO Abduction Syndrome defined alien abduction in terms of missing time, dreams, and hypnosis, which relied upon the physical evidence of body marks and corroborated witnessing of UFOs.  Most abduction literature involves dreamlike memories associated sense that it's meaningful, involves ETs or NHIs, and was more real that other psychological events.  Most cases involve a period of missing time, for which the experiencer has not reasonable memories.  

DSETI puts forward the hypothesis that the alien abduction is a special dream phenomenon with real physical effects.  This hypothesis is supported by the position paper Alien Abduction is a Special Dream Phenomenon with Anomalous Physical Effects. We acknowledge that alien abduction is associated with traumatic false memories, when adopted may produce real effects like PTSD. This acknowledgement is expressed through the satirical essay Alien Abduction Believer Syndrome, which deliberately mirrored the UFO Abduction Syndrome definition in the 1992 Unusual Personal Experiences booked that influentially defined alien abduction.

DSETI advocates for the shamanic dreaming hypothesis of missing time, which is expressed in the scholarly book Missing Time Found by Daniel Rekshan and supported by his academic research papers.  

Key Concepts

  • Alien abduction was defined by major abduction researchers in terms of missing time
  • Missing time is known about through dreamlike memories and hypnosis
  • Hypnosis is an unreliable means of memory recovery
  • Hypnosis reliably produces trance states involving suggestible dreamlike stories
  • All abduction researchers expressed the myth of repressed memory, which suggests that memories of alleged long-forgotten may be recovered through hypnosis or other therapeutic or interview techniques
  • Most skeptical researchers argue that alien abduction has complex causes including false memory, suggestion, and sleep paralysis or other dreams
  • Most credulous researchers argue for the reality of abduction because of real evidence of anomalous physical or psychological events
  • If alien abduction is dreamlike, then unwanted abduction experiences may be shifted through dreamwork

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