Hi, I'm Daniel.

I'm a professional hypnotist and dreamworker promoting a new hypothesis regarding UFO abduction, missing time, and regression hypnosis.

I am a PhD student focused on ET/NHI contact and dreams, hold a MA in East-West Psychology, and two certificates in hypnosis. I presented my hypotheses to the International Association of the Study of Dreams 2023 conference.

My mission is to inform the world that ET/NHI contact is more than alien abduction, with the capacity to inspire technical, scientific, or philosophic innovation.

Education and Training

St. John's College

BA in Classical Liberal Arts with focus on philosophy, history of science, and comparative literature

California Institute of Integral Studies

MA in East-West Psychology with focus on dreams and ecopsychology

California Institute for Human Sciences

Current PhD studies in Integral Noetic Science with Anomalous Studies concentration

  • Certified hypnotherapist in Depth Hypnosis
  • Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing


Daniel is a professional dream worker, certified hypnotherapist, and PhD student in Integral Noetic Science at the California Institute for Human Sciences.  He holds a Master's degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Bachelor's degree in classical liberal arts from St. John's College in Annapolis. He is the Chief Dream Officer of DreamWell, a mobile app dedicated to helping you sleep, dream, and be well through mindfulness and education.  Daniel offers private sessions and education regarding ET/NHI contact in dreams through D-SETI (the Dream Study of ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).  He is the author of four books regarding dreams, hypnosis, alien abduction, and telepathic contact with nonhuman intelligence (NHI) including Missing Time Found.  His mission is to educate experiencers about their natural capacities as dreamers to mediate their encounters with ET/NHI.

Core DSETI Topics

UFO/UAP Sightings and ET/NHI Contact

The conversation regarding UFOs and ETs is more sophisticated that it has ever been.  We now use the term UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomenon) for UFO or NHI (non human intelligence) for ETs.  

There are thousands of credible reports of contact.  The US congress is seriously considering the possibility of ET/NHI contact and UFO/UAPs in our world.  The phenomenon is real, although it require sophisticated ways of knowing to discuss.

The Reality of Dreams

If you grew up in Western mainstream culture, you probably learned dreams are meaningless processes of your sleeping brain.  However, 90% of Earth's cultures believe that dreams are real experiences with the capability of mediating positive fortune for society such as the revelation of knowledge or the inspiration of creativity.

Most researchers until now thought that ET contact is too dreamlike to be real or too real to be a dream.  Missing Time Found considers the question, what if ET/UFO contact could be dreamlike and real at the same time?

Regression Hypnosis, Dreamwork, and Means of Knowledge

There are many means of knowledge like objective or subject.  Most people know about ET contact through alien abduction stories derived from regression hypnosis.  However, science has shown hypnosis to produce false memories.

What if the point of hypnosis was more than memory?  What if hypnosis performed some as-of-yet unknown function like dreams do?  Missing Time Found suggests that regression hypnosis is misidentified shamanic dreamwork.

The Myth of Alien Abduction and Sleep Paralysis

Mainstream Western culture is confused about alien abduction and sleep paralysis.  It is currently stuck in a paradox: abduction is too real to be a dream or too dreamlike to be real.  Most skeptical researchers assume that alien abduction is unreal because it is similar to sleep paralysis.

However, the assumption that dreams are unreal is a cultural bias.  Dreams are real, therefore sleep paralysis and alien abduction experiences are real.  The question is how they are real and what that means.

Missing Time Found presents in-depth analysis of anomalous body marks and documentation of UAPs associated with missing time.  Both body marks and UAP documentation have been used to prove alien abduction, although the book suggests that these phenomena substantiate the claim that ET/NHI contact is dreamlike.

Dream Telepathy and Geometry as SETI Instrument

SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) requires communication instruments like radio telescopes, which are time-consuming, expensive, and elite.  Dream telepathy may be a viable instrument for SETI because it may be instantaneous and universal.  This is just like in the movies Contact and Arrival.

The only peer-reviewed paper about dream telepathy and SETI recommends geometry as a means to authenticate dreams as ET/NHI communication.  Missing Time Found presents several case studies of missing time associated anomalous body marks or UAP documentation as a potential SETI message.

I published my open-source analysis technique of UAP footage as ETolemy.

Western Precedents for ET/NHI Contact and Dream Shamanism

While contemporary mainstream Western culture has ignored dreams and ridiculed ET/NHI contact, Western culture has many examples of ET/NHI contact and dream shamanism.  I discuss to primary precedents: Asclepius and John Dee.

Asclepius is the ancient Greek god of dreams and medicine.  There were many temples dedicated to this god, in which visitors would incubate healing dreams and discuss interpretation and treatments with priests.  Asclepius was described as a reptilian shape-shifter who went to live in the sky.  The practice of Asclepian dream incubation is arguably the earliest documentation of hypnosis.

John Dee was a 16th century scholar and royal advisor who coined the term "the British Empire".  Dee used a hypnosis-like practice to engage in what he called "angelic communication" with entities who offered an advanced mathematical-linguistic-spiritual system now known as Enochian Magic.  Interestingly, the magical system inspired Jack Parson's work and the early space race.

I explore both precedents in the Book of Galactic Light, which is my first full-length book.  This first book is a subjective counter-point to the more objective inquiry presented in Missing Time Found